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Providing impermeability for gases and liquids of surfaces and joints of parts.

The production area "Sealing" includes the following operations:

Automatic installation for sealing products
Reliable protection against moisture and dust
Reliable protection against moisture and dust

sealing stages

Preparation and labeling of LED strips
  • Before direct sealing, LED strips are fixed on a special technological profile to ensure high-quality spreading of the sealant over the entire surface of the tape.
  • The process of coating the LED tape with a transparent sealant.
  • After sealing, the tapes are placed on special racks for drying. Drying time - 24 hours.
Heat shrink tube
  • After 24 hours of drying the LED strip, the heat shrinkable tubes are blown at the ends of the LED strip.
Scotch tape sticker
  • Gluing on the reverse side of the sealed LED tape double-sided tape 3M, which later allows high-quality installation of the tape on most types of surfaces.
LED strip function test
  • Testing is done by connecting the tape to a DC power source with different nominal values to ensure quality work at any operating voltage. The rated voltage of the LED strip is 12 or 24 V, depending on the technical characteristics of the LED strip.
Features of the device


Measuring complex


For sealing LED products used automatic installation for sealing products COLORS MT5060 3.

The basis of the design are:

  • Desktop with pneumofixers for fixing technological profiles;
  • Containers for sealant components, equipped with a heating system;
  • Workbench with a system for feeding and mixing sealant components.
Maximum range of movement along the axes:
Positioning accuracy:
0,5 mm
0.1 - 99 g / sec
Dosing accuracy
Maximum speed of moving along the coordinates:
200 mm / sec
up to 6 axes
Axis interpolation axis:
X/Y/Z / R 4-axis
A / B universal auxiliary axis
Program support:
up to 20 parallel programs
The possibility of sealing up to 8 own tapes for moving the workbench along the Y axis:
0 – 5000 mm
The ability to use the compound:
one or two component
Warning system for the completion of components in tanks: