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Functional testing

Functional testing and environmental testing.

measurement stages

этапы измерений
  • Product health check
  • Installing the product.
  • Adjustment of measuring equipment.
  • Thermal stabilization.
  • Measurement process.
  • Dismantling the product.
  • Registration of measurement protocol.
measurement stages


Measuring complex

Measuring complex

For measurements used equipment company EVERFINE. The measuring complex is focused on measuring the parameters of semiconductor radiation sources and other light sources.

Modern measuring complex, including:

  • photometric ball (with a diameter of 2 and 0.5 meters);
  • spectroradiometric installation;
  • High-precision AC and DC power supplies and an electrical power meter that allow measurements of the light, electrical, and colorimetric (color) characteristics of lighting devices.
Wavelength Range:
380 nm ~ 780 nm
Wavelength Accuracy:
± 0.3 nm
Spectral resolution:
3.0 nm
Measurement range of light flux:
1 lm ~ 2000 lm
Output power range:
DC if necessary
LED temperature control system:
accuracy 0,5oC
Max. LED power:
20 W
Max. LED size:
diameter 50 mm
Climatic tests of products for storage and operation.
  • Luminous flux, lm; power consumption, watts. ; power factor PF. ; efficiency (light return), lm / W. ; relative spectral distribution (visible range). ; correlated color temperature (CCT), K. ; chromaticity coordinates CIE 1931, x, y. ;CRI color index measurement.
Measuring complex
Climatic tests of products for storage and operation.
  • Heat-cold – humidity chamber, temperature range –70 ... +150oС.
  • Humidity - up to 100%
  • Temperature Accuracy+ 1oС.